Refurbished 330 litre Refueling Trailer

We have recently completed Refurbishment on this 330ltr Refueling Trailer.

This unit is perfect for smaller volume refuelling, and is great for reducing the need to taxi from Hangar to Bowser and limiting engine start ups.  

In its current configuration, Fitted with a high volume, manually operated rotary action drum pump that delivers product at 1 litre per rotation.  From there, product will be filtered and dispensed via overwing nozzle.  A Bonding reel is attached to the trailer frame with bonding cable & clamp attached.  The barrel and all fittings are made from stainless steel and everything is compliant with aviation fuels.


This unit can be modified to suit your product delivery needs, if you require any modifications or have any further needs, please ask when you contact us.

Relevant Decals will be fitted before delivery to suit your product requirement.

Cost for this unit is $3000 excluding Gst

Contact us by phone +61738811411 or email at