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QC-001 - 25 Ohms Continuity Tester with leads

This continuity tester is used to safely check bonding leads continuity. A Red flashing light indicates that the continuity is compromised and urgent action is needed before the equipment can be used. A Green flashing light is the all clear indicating good continuity.


Product Specifications:

Dimensions : 80mm x 40mm x 20mm
Weight : 75 grams
Battery Life : up to 5 years
Input : 4mm Banana Socket
Indicators : 4 Ultra Daylight LED
Encapsulant : Fire Retardant RTV3110
Enclosure : ABS plastic


Self Test Function:

A simple to use and effective feature of the unit is the self test function. Simply attach the Fastening Clips to each other and you will get a green flashing light to show good continuity, then detach the Fastening Clips and the lights will flash red for approximately10 seconds before the automatic shutoff. Remember to disconnect the leads when not in use to prolong battery life.

QC-001 - 25 ohm Continuity tester and leads with large clips

SKU: QC-001
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