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We have a 1 off special on a New 341GF-61E Cla-Val Underwing Refuelling Nozzle with 2.5" NPT Quick Disconnect


The Cla-Val Refueling Nozzles are designed to exacting industry requirements and constructed entirely of aluminum and stainless steel, setting the standard for durability and performance and safer, more efficient refueling of commercial aircraft.

Cla-Val Model 341GF Commercial Refueling Nozzles are designed in accordance with SAE AS5877.


  The Cla-Val Model 341GF Nozzle is a refueling nozzle for pressure fuel servicing of aircraft, and for bottom loading of tank trucks. To ensure maximum safety during refueling, the Cla-Val 341GF Nozzle has primary and secondary interlock systems. The primary interlock ensures that the nozzle cannot be opened when it is not connected to an aircraft adapter. The secondary interlock protects the 341GF Series Nozzle from hazards of interfacing with badly worn aircraft adapters. Even when used with a badly worn adapter, the nozzle is safer because it uses square register pins that provide positive alignment with the square slots in the adapter. In addition, the nozzle cannot be removed from the adapter until the operating lever is rotated to the fully-closed position. To achieve maximum strength and durability, the Cla-Val 341GF Nozzle uses a stainless steel bayonet ring cast within the aluminum collar of the nozzle. The crank shaft of the nozzle extends across the entire width of the interior flow path and is supported from end-to-end by a structural wall that splits the flow path. This wall supports the crank shaft while straightening the flow and keeping flow resistance as low as possible. To reduce aircraft refueling times, the flow resistance though the Cla-Val 341GF Nozzle has the lowest head loss, which means it can fill an aircraft faster than any other nozzle..

Cost for this Nozzle is $1500 excluding Gst

This nozzle is old New stock and there is only 1 available at this price

Please note that the QD is NPT threaded

Contact us by phone +61738811411 or email at

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